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With Save your deductible . net
You just saved on your $250, $500 or $1000.00 Deductible on auto body shop repairs.

 Merchant Ratings 100% Wrong and Happy!


Mike, I wanted to thank you for the work you did on my daughter's Honda Accord, as well as the $500.00 you saved me on my insurance deductible. When my daughter had her accident, I was dismayed to find that our insurance deductible had risen to 1000.00. In doing research on the internet I came across your website claiming to reduce or eliminate deductible expenses. I was skeptical, but called anyway- fully expecting that there had to be some kind of catch! I am happy to report that I was 100% wrong. LG Collision provided me with top notch service from start to finish. They picked up the car from my work place, kept me informed with emails and pictures every step of the way, and delivered the car to me when the repairs were complete. On top of this outstanding service, their work is top-notch and they saved me $500.00! Who could ask for more! Thanks again, it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Julie Ventura
Chandler, AZ 85226

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Insurance  Approved Discounts Guaranteed!
NOW You get the  MASSIVE Discounts & Savings  Only reserved for the Major Insurance Companies. An Exclusive benefit you can only get from 

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Have you ever thought, I'd like to "Save My Deductible" 
You can have your deductible paid and  have your car repaired at an I-CAR certified body shop  with a Lifetime Warranty. You are Guaranteed to save money on your deductible up to 100% 


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"Saving your deductible" is actually incorrect. They actually "*save your money" by Discounts,Waiving your deducible (Not Charging) or manipulating labor rates and controlling shop materials or not charging you for procedures / "repairs" your insurance refuses to pay for.

You will get the same level of high quality repair work from lg collision as required by I-CAR standards,theirs and your insurance company's "Preferred" Body Shops. Guaranteed.

Many  procedures are done for Free
because it has to be done! or You Will Suffer.
 Other "Preferred" Body shops operate a little differently and, You Will Pay More!

There is no law against Discounts, Freebies or Rebates! (sharing profits)

You get the  MASSIVE Discounts & Savings  Only reserved for the Major Insurance Companies. An Exclusive benefit you can only get from LG Collison Not  bodyshops They choose for You.

The difference is, they are willing to Sacrifice & Share some "Shop Profits" with You.  (Their choice) After all, your insurance company  Profits from you Bigtime without sharing one red cent!

They pay insurance too! and completely understand that you don't want to have to pay even more when it comes time to get service after  ALL THAT MONEY YOU ALREADY PAID OUT!!

The truth is... Your insurance company will probably try to "recommend" a local Az auto body shop THEY choose. Why? Because They  made arrangements with that  local body shop to repair your vehicle in the least expensive way possible to Save Them money. It won't help Your Premiums!

Expect some to try keeping You from getting "their" discount! or offer a "national warranty" instead. A Savings Right Now or a warranty that no other shop wants to honor and 99% of people never use or need?

(Never Yell at the Adjustor or Appraiser. They're just doing their job) Just get their estimate & Call L.G's
They will End your
Stress & handle your claim in the Highest Professional manner for all concerned.

Your Insurance company is not the "Bad Guy" They just want to save Money...just like You.
It's simple.
Whoever takes charge Controls the Money!

It's Unethical if adjustors try to "SCARE" or Threaten you into going to Their choice and Illegal to "STEER" you into "A" shop / away from Your choice.


If they know you chose LG collision they Will take Your discounts in advance.
Always Call LG Collision First. If you do, they will reserve them for You!

They Don't have an Expensive high profile location to Fool you and to Justify Overcharging!
 Do you  drive a "Body Shop" or a Vehicle you're going to Trade in or Sell?
 They Guarantee Collision Repairs & Warranty the  paint!

They Chose to invest in the Right Equipment allowing them to Correctly apply their 30+ Years of Top level Experience, Skills and Knowledge. Most of it repairing Mercedes, Bmw's  and Luxury American & Asian vehicles.
(Note) They treat all vehicles like they're a Mercedes!

Their  LOW OVERHEAD allows them to...
"*SAVE YOUR DEDUCTIBLE" and / or offer:

  • FREE RENTAL or Upgrade (in lieu of deductible savings)
  • Mobile Estimate or Second Opinion!
  • FREE TOWING (Valley Wide)
  • Good Phoenix body shops Phx,Az - LG Collision 602-955-0102
  • Good Glendale body shops Glendale,Az - 623-937-8070
  • Cheap Phoenix body shops Phx Az
  • Cheap Glendale body Shops Glendale Az
  • Scottsdale Body Shop That Waives Deductibles (Deductables) 480-424-6788

Why save the insurance company money, PAY MORE and Not get yourself  extras other shops don't offer?

QUESTIONS. Insurance or repair related.

    60+ years of combined Expertise on both sides gets you the Right answer If you choose them or not.
    If not, they Will  happily direct you to the best of 

    Local Az auto body collision repair Shops in Phoenix,
    Glendale Az,Peoria, Sun city,Surprise,Avondale,El mirage ,
    Mesa,Tempe, Chandler ,Scottsdale

    Remember. They apply these same benefits if you're a claimant ,no insurance or you just don't want years of high premiums because of an accident.

    ** They give GENEROUS GIFTS for referring
    friends, family, Associates or Yourself !

    Save this website and put the card or flyer in your vehicle with your Proof of insurance, or Registration. 
    You will instantly know who to call, Where to go and What to do!

     Of course They Prefer full retail sales and won't  / can't do this for everyone.
     So only those who have a card ,flyer or save this website and CALL Them  FIRST,
     then use the ID # or Passwords  will benefit!

                *Passwords are ... "A friend sent me"

    Since You never know when someone wil be in an accident. Why not...

BE A HEROEmail or tell a friend about this website RIGHT NOW BEFORE THEY waste $250.. $500 or up to $1000.00
Guaranteed  to save or waive 100 % your deductible or
they keep the savings and  get a Luxury Vacation & one free round trip ticket!
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Free Towing
Free pickup or Rental / Delivery Valley Wide
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Phoenix / Glendale  az / Peoria / Goodyear /Surprise /Avondale-Elmirage / Laveen / Sun City / Tolleson / Scottsdale / Mesa / Tempe

Phone: Ofc 623-937-8070 ... Fax 623-937-4433

Hours: CALL US Anytime. 623-937-8070


We accept (approved) credit cards and work with All Insurance Companies and Agents.

L.G's company statement says:
*We Guarantee You will receive savings, benefits and or a vacation/ Cruise if you choose to allow us to repair your vehicle... period! We do not build supplements to cover your deductible , nor inflate damages & overcharge.   Please don't Ask! We will not cheat you or any Insurance company.
We Highly Recommend you carry Rental coverage. Not having a rental causes the most Stress of all!
One year of coverage cost*about $29.00.
Due to (some) Insurance  situations, you may have to pay your  deductible and option for an Instant Rebate after repairs . Exact discounts & savings are calculated after total amount for repairs are determined based on the final estimate or supplement & payments from the
Insurance  company."Full"Guarantee is based on these factors and your "chosen" Deductible.
Each loss is specific and handled as a normal  insurance claim. As a claimant  you may choose to substitute "OEM" for aftermarket or available Like Kind & Quality (used) parts. We may deny the offer of Benefits if non payment or misrepresentation of your claim is found to be the sole intent of your interaction with our shop.
Never base your choice / decision of a Deductible amount on this offer. We resevere the right to cancel / end this offer at any time!
Only those who retain our card or website will remain our permanent customers and retain these rights as offered in it's original version.

Thank you. *********** end offer / Directory *************

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